Monday, July 28, 2014

Toilet + Paints =

So far the announcement of the month ? You ask !

Well there are several.  The bathroom is almost done.

 I have finally finished a painting from the watercolor class. The teacher goes so fast. In her defense I do believe it is to make us practice at home but seriously does she realize that we are "Seniors" and I want to be treated accordingly.

Well I am finishing my homework.

On to the never ending bathroom. It only has the glass to finish off the job but Good Lord it was started June 7th and it is what December now ????? But there was a lot involved and many a hiccup which does happen in Home Improvement right ?????

I have been preserving up a storm the lady down the street my "new" friend has allowed me to pick her tree's. She had some super sexy dark red plums I made Plum Jam and some Strawberry Plum jam. The yard is just an on going project. I water endlessly but rather than have a drip system which I do agree is great. I have chosen to water individual plant when they need ti and directly. Yes it is time consuming but the results are good.

It is butterfly season. I have set up my butterfly grower safe haven for those caterpillars that may bite the dust. Why you ask not use nature?

Well ravens, ants, spiders, and all other yard shit eat the lil critters. Yummy for them not for the caterpillar? Thus the safe haven hamper! If you want to know more About Monarch Butterflies or any local butterflies you can go to this site. Linda and Rick run it. They have monthly sales and you can call them anytime to purchase anything butterfly!

Oh yes and my baby brother brought over his corn he grew. Lil Thing. Oh Mama would be so proud! And the corn was really sweet and delicious we grilled it.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dah Brush Dah Brush

 Yes I am back to my Picasso day's. I have reunited with my Peep's at the Senior Center. Yes a few are gone. You know what that means. NO they have not passed , they have passed on to a new class. Something exciting like Wood Carving or Shuffle Board. Now I know why my Mama said to Shuffle off to Buffalo.

I have taken a hostage this semester yes my Good Pal Linda.

Do you notice that she is at my home and she is doing her homework?

But look at how fricken bored she looks. Like La La La what else. 

 Our teacher Linda is really good and has the nack of teaching us tricks to make the job of painting easier.

 This is a Father daughter team. They are good let me tell ya. It makes my heart warm with da love when I see them. What a good daughter and what a good daddy.

And Linda (My friend) say's and I quote "Funny we are such good friend's, "yet" we have nothing in common" I  did stare at her and with that comment making no sense. I will make sure she never forgets NEVER! Well little Ms. Nothing in common is sitting next to me in Water Color Class.


Monday, June 9, 2014

How Do You Know When to Redo the Bathroom

When the curtains have decayed. About 7 years ago I made these curtains. I know I refused to take them down until the new bathroom was started. The little bit of sunshine that crept through was quite tranquil at times.

When you clean a wall and you finger pokes through.

The floor shows signs of wear and tear. With this picture I am telling everyone get at least three quotes on any home improvement job. One quote told me the shower floor was just fine. Hummm 

And more than 3 men say you should!

Well I will be posting the progress of West Oaks Builder's.

We have saved for 10 year's to do this and I am extremely happy to start. A side from the dust shit everywhere and my truck driving mouth it seems to be going really good!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bad, Bad Girl

Ok so I do not post like I use to but there is a reason. I get to busy. I do a zillion things and accomplish nothing. So there. Here is what I have been not doing. Let's do it in pictures . 

Getting ready for Fair!

Making Lot's of Jam's.

Creating a centerpiece and gift's for the Annual Church Tea.

This turned out better than I expected. It is a flower Teapot pouring flowers into the cup. Brilliant

Trying to get Thinny with this new fangled "Way of eating" No it's not a diet.

Taking a watercolor class with my pal Linda !

Practicing my Ukulele. I even joined the TO Little Ukulele Group! 

And of course gardening.
That is it for this past week. More when I finally take the time to do this blogging like I use to.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Showers?

Well that is a stupid title but I had to get my fingers walking I need to get back to my blogging. I have 11 fricken blogs I just keep naming them more and more. I need serious help! Well since we last posted we have done so much stuff. Had a great gathering at my mother-in-Loves home with the Markese Gang. It is always fun when family gets together and when they are the Italian side it is even more exciting. Here is a link to the You Tuby slide show.

My creative genius came through when I went on my YouTuby thing and made a show on how to make my crystal pitcher. It is lovely except I spell things wrong. Small thing to me big thing to Speller's, Gosh it is good to drive people a bit nutty!

Now that it is nearly May I have started yet another Blog. I know I know Shut Up !

Blend me Thinny gosh I am funny ! It will be a daily here we go again loose weight thing. I swear if I had even one penny for every diet and loose weight stuff I have done I would have probably only 4 dollars. Pennies ya know.

Can you believe that half the year has wizzed by. I went to Oakland last week and spent time with Ms. independence and her new hubby.

He is a wonder why he made a fence out of pallets. Amazing feat !

 Ok bye bye


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