Monday, July 6, 2015

Bingo was her name Ohhhhhh

 Yes this is the face of Bingo and her name will remain anonymous JENNI . The story goes that I am sitting with a few friends and we start talking about Bingo and how vicious some of the people can be.

Oh giggle , giggle and the next thing I know like a nightmare I am there among them. I went to bingo.

Now in my own mind I did attend a small gathering of people for Bingo a few months a go for a fund raiser for a local Horse Ranch. My neighbor Lisa and I went and it was fun. She won everything they had but gave it to the kid's next to us! Go figure ! We discussed attending a local Bingo but nothing came of it. I suppose I was just to busy with life to really look for a local game.

But then it happened a group of 4 or more decided to go and like back in the day when if they wanted a helper my hand shot up like a kite on a windy day. Shit not again!

I do have to say this is not a bad deal but there is so much more then what you see on the surface and in the next few weeks I will let you know all the dirty little Bingo Secret's.

Look how serious she is !!!!! 

Ignore the George W. Bush cards on the table and focus on Opie the number caller!

The balls are in place .... Opie is putting his head set on the crowd is settling down into there chairs. You could hear a pin drop ....

And their off      !!!!!!!

This is a nice paced Bingo game my last experience was to fast to much for my ole' brain to keep up. I attribute this to my not winning. But I always have an opinion or reason that anything happens and it is not my way!

Here are a few of the things that keep me going back. New idea's an old sock on a bottle of water. Great DIY and way to keep your hand dry. Go Grama! And she won $150.00 ........... shit!

Here is Opie's replacement when his mouth gets dry!

And I look across the room and a woman looks like me in 30 years. Bun and a barret twice the size of my regular one's. I should look so cute!

Jenni and I have made no new friends'. Maybe because at about 9:37 we break into giggle mania thee tension and salt and sugar highs take us over. Let's see last week it was that I kept pounding my dauber on a sheet so people would think I got lot's of number's. Ok we thought it was funny. And this week well you had to be there!

PLEASE come join us! xoxo

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter 2015

Does it seem like Easter is a little early this year? Must be me but then Pa had a puzzled look on his face when I told him the Easter Bunny will be here next Sunday!

 Yup that would be Judy the "Easter Girl" She loved Easter and all thing's Bunny. The excitement took her over. Seriously I am surprised she did not buy a big Easter Bunny Costume for Mark.

Look at that cake LUCKY F***** Bunny! It was not his birthday for gosh sakes. Well Judy has since passed and with that I am making Easter National Judy Day. So there ya go don't say I never did anything nice! 

And once she was done with us as you can see everyone was exhausted and slept all the way home!  I am telling you more action and food than Thanksgiving.

So with that this week looks like a good week to get the last of my Garden starter's in. My friend Jules got me 2 beautiful tomato plants from Tomatomania. That is a yearly tomato fest and it is every where so look in your area for Tomatomania.

This Saturday I am off to spend my Passover/Easter with Ms. Independence.
Once I saw those carrot's she grew I was very proud but quite jealous. Mine look like lil fat crooked thumbs. But I know we will have a great time. Sunday will spend the day at Alameda Swap Meet. Heaven on cement. Hopefully Nicole will be with us. 

Oh and when I broke the news to Pa that I was going to be in
Oakland for Easter was he sad. NO he asked what time he would be dropping me at the airport. Seriously!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So then there was 2015

Yet another year when we ask God what do you have in store for me this year. Yes I know it's March and April is right around the corner. Time to hide egg's and get the Seder plate ready.

Looks like MS. Independence got a shit load of carrot's mine look like stubby thumbs. I watch this little woman grow every year into this person I am so very proud of. Her style and attitude is something to admire and follow.

I have gotten into a few things this year I am still painting and the class is a hoot. I do not know what I like better the people or the craft! Here are a few and I noticed I sure like the color blue

So my Shelly her cancer is not getting any better but after a 5r day stint in the hospital she is home. I truly hope her heart is in the right place. I know it must be so hard to deal with all this. After being with my Mama and Casey and there cancer road I know tough trip!

It is all in God's Hands !

Friday, February 20, 2015

One Chruch-Two Church-Black Church- New Church

Well as most of my friends know Shelly and I have taken on quite a project with this Church Hoppin' Task. I have to say I have never been closer to my Higher Power than now! But I do have to say there is such a familiarity yet BIG difference in the church's we have been visiting. Let me give you some details. This is only one more of the many we have been to.

Disclaimer: This is one woman opinion and she checked with God prior to writing he said "Go for it my little Angel"

I seriously do not know where to start. Let me start across Simi at the Calvary Baptist Church. When I drove up the first thing was I had a flash back. Why this building it use to be the Jewish Day Care and my baby Heather use top attend. EEE how did that happen. It is an abandoned school that has been re-purposed by the Good Lord.

Well when we arrived there they are. You know them the women and men you will see in front of your local Payless store skirt on suit pressed and those small children you all ways wonder why are they not in school ? oh and pamplet's in hand. Yup !

 But no I am not going to judge this situation we are here to sing praise! AH but we are not allowed in the chapel until the service begins because Sunday School is in session. Ok but seriously there are 20 other building? WAIT we are not wearing our sister wives skirt Holy Shit .

I took my Welcome Pack and my Bible and sat myself down.

 There was only one problem I could not stop looking at the little nest in the child's hair in front of me! 

 The pastor was adorable and very welcoming he even said our names ! This of course put Shelly into tear's.

Well that really let everyone know we are not wearing our skirt's. They turned to look and welcome us and all eyes were on our pant's.
I think I heard a oh my from the crowd! And a small girl uttered But Mama!

But Praise be to the Lord that at least they are in church getting a bit of the Good Lord in there systems. I do have to say that no matter what church we have gone to they all make us feel welcome and a part of.

The one thing I noticed at this one is that Little Father Adorable was the only one to greet us!

God Bless You!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Church Crashers

BFF in C yes this is me with my Best Friend Finding Church. Shelly feels the need for a  little Spirituality/Baybay Jesus so we have set out on an adventure this 2015 to find it. What is "It" we are not quite sure what "It" is but so far I think this is going to be a Spiritual Hoot!

I never knew Church Hopping could be so much fun!

Cornerstone Chruch

Church what a great concept a building where people gather with like minds in hopes of hitting a home run with God.

I am a "good" Catholic girl with a sailor's mouth BUT baybay Jesus does not care I am gold in his eyes.

Well our first step into Holy-ville was Cornerstone Church. Let me make it clear I mean NO  disrespect to any church I critique, but people need to know and this is great all the way around. How? You get to know about Churches in your good ole Simi Valley and we get Spiritual.

I have known about this church for sometime and I know women and boy's who attend and they "Love" it. So off Shelly and I go to Cornerstone Church . We enter nice people (no real warm and fuzzy), gather some paperwork and find a seat. I spot a friend from long ago and chat. Shhhhh the service is about to start. Let us all stand for a song!

"I can hear the angels calling" Then the choir Rock Band starts. Mind you it is so loud the drummer is behind an acrylic room! It only took about 30 seconds and Shelly said I am going to wait in the hall! Ok no reason she has been ill so I think she is a little icky. After about 1 minutes I notice it has gotten louder and I am having flashbacks of In the Gadda Via by Iron Butter Fly I had to go into the hall with my Pal. We sat back and yes the walls were vibrating ! Now I am a lover of music as everyone knows but really!  Wait there is a doughnut !

 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think the music stopped!

Back in we go for the service. Still in a spiritual state of mind. Well the Pastor was so full of energy (coffee) I could not keep up with him. I think the topic was "we were on fire" "he's on fire" "Put out the fire". I tried to keep up with the Bible pages but the dear soul was talking to fast for these ole' finger's or mind to keep up. But I did throw out all the matches in my purse as to keep the sermon in mind "fire" 

All in all here is the Review of Cornerstone Church or as I put it

 And Baybay Jesus said .....

"The Church of What;s Happenin' Now" This church was packed and this is the beauty of it. For today's generation of young adults it did my heart good to see so many young people. This church is community involved and wonderful choice for a place of worship just not for us!

Great Building
Nice Congregation
Super Rock Band for Baybay Jesus
Super good variety of donuts
Dynamic Pastor
This church was packed and this is the beauty of it. For today's generation of young-in's.

I give this church 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Mary Rock and Roll !

Cornerstone Church
2080 Winifred Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063 - 

Gosh I love Sunday AM


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